View SPDocKit reports directly from your PC workstation

In this article we discuss how to generate SharePoint documentation as well as audit farm configuration using the SPDocKit workstation license.

If you have multiple farms that you want to monitor, do it the easy way without having to use a remote connection to check out your SPDocKit reports – connect directly to the SPDocKit database from your PC workstation. The advantage of this is that you can have multiple farms connected to one SPDocKit SQL database, which you can monitor from your PC workstation. That saves you time and the inconvenience of remotely connecting to each server separately to view SharePoint configuration.

SPDocKit Workstation License In this image you can see the SPDocKit installed on two farms (NY & DC). SPDocKit is installed on server SP1 and gathers farm snapshots. These snapshots are then consumed from the SPDocKit installed on a workstation.

With the workstation license you can:

  • Manage permissions
  • View reports
  • Compare Farm settings and track changes
  • Support one SharePoint Online tenant

Please note that the workstation instance of SPDocKit requires connection to an existing server-side SPDocKit database in order to explore reports.

SPDocKit workstation license – features and benefits

Manage permissions

Manage SharePoint permissions instantly from SPDocKit. It is not necessary to be connected to the database to manage permissions: you need to do is to add the site collections you wish to manage and to have all the required permissions.

View and inspect reports

Let’s say you needed to view certain SPDocKit reports without having been granted administrator privileges. Use your workstation license to connect from your workstation and view SharePoint farm snapshots. In order to be viewed, those snapshots need to be available in the SPDocKit SQL database or in a location that is reachable over the workstation and server. You can browse Farm Explorer reports, Permissions reports, Site Explorer reports, Best Practices, and other SPDocKit reports from your workstation by connecting directly to the SPDocKit SQL database.

Farm settings comparison

Having multiple SharePoint farms for various purposes, for example DEV, production, or staging farms, can make it difficult to monitor and keep track of everything, making sure it is all set just right. To compare farms and track changes, take configuration snapshots of your farms and simply compare. To learn more about farm comparison, click here.

Connect to SharePoint Online

A workstation license not only provides a centralized way of keeping your SharePoint On-premise farms under control, but also supports SharePoint Online permissions management. Install SPDocKit on your workstation, connect to a SharePoint Online site, and modify user permissions using SPDocKit permissions wizards.

For additional information, visit our pricing page or contact the SPDocKit support team.