SPDocKit says farewell to 2016 - we had a whale of a time!

First of all, we would like to wish you a successful new year, and we hope you had a great start to 2017! 2016 is behind us, and we will remember it for many good things!

We released SPDocKit 6, with lots of new features and a new dark skin. SPDocKit then teamed up with a little orange whale for a new logo. We are proud to announce that our CEO and co-founder Toni Frankola, has been awarded Most Valuable Professional for the seventh time for exceptional contributions to the Microsoft Community. We traveled a lot, visited some awesome SharePoint conferences all over the world, and met a lot of cool folks. What else happened? Hmmm, well we organized many webinars to help you get acquainted with all our SPDocKit features, bringing you spectacular guest presenters like Todd Klindt and Michael Noel, aaaand ... we launched a free tool – SPDocKit Pulse.

New SPDocKit representative and 2016 features

This past year, we rebranded our ultimate SharePoint admin tool, hence the new logo. People often ask us why did we decide to use a whale as our logo. As you may already know, Acceleratio is from Croatia, and “kit” means whale in Croatian. We even decorated our offices with whales.

Also in 2016, we had one major and three minor releases, with new features such as SPDocKit Event Viewer for better monitoring, compare options, alerts for best practices and permissions, role-based security, dark skin, and much more.

Microsoft released SharePoint Server 2016 and Feature Pack 1, so we decided to offer some new stuff to support this version, with MinRole support, improved Best Practices, and Administrative Actions reports.

We teamed up with the Rencore team and incorporated their SPCAF reports into our tool so you can check the code quality of your SharePoint Farm customizations through charts and diagrams directly from SPDocKit.

Conferences - We had a whale of a time!

Throughout the year, we visited a few events that gathered SharePoint administrators, developers, software architects, end users, and other enthusiasts from all over the world.

We are always happy to support these events, where people share their knowledge and you get a chance to meet the product users, hear their opinions, and present your product to everyone. We were at a few SharePoint Saturday events – Stockholm, Brussels, and Genève – but we also sponsored some others, in New York, South Africa, etc. The European SharePoint Conference in Vienna, Europe’s biggest SharePoint and Office 365 event, was great. One of the speakers was our CEO and Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP, Toni Frankola. He talked about IT Pro best practices for managing SharePoint farms and how to prepare an environment for SharePoint 2016. We were also at SPC Adriatics – a SharePoint conference in Zagreb.

SPDocKit team traveled a lot in 2016!

SPDocKit feature usage & customers' environments 2016

Each year, more and more customers participate in the Customer Experience Improvement Program, and we are thankful because it is always helpful to hear about the experience users have with our product. We collected data about the hardware and software used in our customers’ SharePoint environments. The figures on these pictures refer to users who installed version 6 (or later), which, unfortunately, no longer supports SharePoint 2007, however, you can still administer your SharePoint 2007 farm through SPDocKit 5. According to these results, the most-used version is still SharePoint 2013. Check out more environment stats below...

SharePoint environments 2016

The most-used and lovable feature is of course generating SharePoint farm documentation, a time savior for every admin and consultant! Aside from that, people often use Best Practices reports to audit and validate their farm configurations, Farm and Site Explorer to explore their environments, Permissions reports, Content and Usage reports (view pdf guide for these reports), and many reports inside these categories.

SPDocKit - Feature usage 2016

SPDocKit Pulse: free tool to help you autodiscover SharePoint farms!

The past year was full of surprises! We launched a free tool SPDocKit Pulse that boomed the moment we announced it! During the launch day and the day after, it was downloaded more than 100 times! It helps you autodiscover your SharePoint farms with their servers, shows live updates on the server status, and displays some basic performance counters. If you still haven't tried it, download SPDocKit Pulse!

We are already working on something new, so stay tuned!