Insights Lite – Users & SharePoint Environment Stats

It has been almost three months since we launched our free SharePoint monitoring tool, SysKit Insights Lite (former SPDocKit Pulse). So we've decided to show you some interesting facts and stats about its users and their SharePoint environments.

For those of you still not familiar with it, or to refresh your memory, let's quickly go through its capabilities. Insights Lite can autodiscover all your SharePoint farms and servers within each farm. It will show you the SharePoint version installed, server roles, config databases associated with a particular farm, and the most important performance counters in real time. You can also easily export this information in an Excel file and filter your data.

SharePoint monitoring tool - autodiscover all your SharePoint farms

Insights Lite (Former SPDocKit Pulse) Facts & Stats

We are happy to see more than 300 users of Insights Lite. It has been used all over the world in more than 30 countries, as you can see on the infographic below.

You can see some interesting stats on the SharePoint environments too. As you can see on the graphs below, most users have 1 SharePoint farm (49%), but the maximum number of farms that Insights Lite detected was 57! When speaking of servers it also detected maximum of 122 servers in total. An average number of servers per farm was one to four, only 15% of detected farms had 5 and more servers.

Insights Lite Facts & Stats

Free SharePoint Monitoring Tool - SysKit Insights Lite

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