SPDocKit 5.0 - official version available!

We have shipped the SPDocKit 5.0.1. This is a major release with a number of new features and improvements. With the new shorter name comes a new era for the SPDocKit. Permission management and other great features make this release one of the most important ones in Acceleratio history.

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Product version: 5.0.1
Build number: 15955
Release date: Dec 3, 2014


  • Live Permissions Explorer
  • Permission Management:
    • Break and restore permission inheritance.
    • Grant SharePoint principal permissions.
    • Create SharePoint groups.
    • Edit SharePoint principal permissions.
    • Clone SharePoint users and AD groups permissions.
    • Transfer SharePoint users and AD groups permissions.
    • Remove SharePoint principal permissions.
    • Move and copy users to SharePoint group.
    • Delete users from your SharePoint farm.
    • Delete SharePoint group.
    • Remove users from SharePoint group.
    • Manage permission levels.
    • Manage Site Collection Administrators.
  • Permissions Wizards:
    • Break/Restore permission inheritance.
    • Manage Groups - create, delete or rename SharePoint groups.
    • Group Membership - add or remove users from SharePoint groups or even from the entire site collection.
    • Clone Permission - copy source principal's permissions to a target principal.
    • Transfer Permissions - transfer source principal's permissions to a target principal (source principal will lose currently assigned permissions).
    • Manage Permissions- assign desired permissions to a specific principal on a selected SharePoint site or list.
    • Clean Site Collection - delete unnecessary users and groups from your SharePoint farm.
    • Permission Levels - add, remove , edit or delete permission levels.
    • Site Collection Administrators - add or remove site collection administrators across your farm.
  • Allow AD Access - turning this option off will result in SPDocKit not gathering AD groups information and generating your reports faster.
  • Context menu actions - right click on Permissions Explorer report grid and explore permission management options.
  • Rules and Queries - automatic or manual procedures that allow you to manage content settings or create custom reports about your SharePoint objects.
  • Check supported rule types  
  • Check supported query properties 
  • Rules and queries history change log - track all the changes made by rules and queries.
  • Query and rules sample reports.
  • Send query results to email.
  • Content Usage Reports Read more
  • Cleanup Reports Read more
  • Web.config files compare.
  • Site Collections compare.
  • Advance farm compare host name mappings added.
  • SPDocPerm custom security log for tracing all the permission changes made by SPDocKit.
  • New report subscription delivery methods - save reports to File share or SharePoint document library.
  • Send SharePoint farm and best practices report documentation, like any other SPDocKit report, using scheduled reports delivery methods.


  • New shorter application name.
  • Searchable Best Practices reports tree.
  • Job Definitions report has new 'Enable' property - check if the job is enabled or not.
  • Scheduled reports by the default  have a date as a suffix to their name.
  • Permission reports can now be sent without previously created farm snapshot.
  • Unmodified content report can be filtered by the content type.
  • Optimized farm compare.
  • Improved export of the Best Practices reports with 10 and more columns.

UX Improvements

  • New application icon set and skin colors.
  • Redesigned backstage Actions screen.
  • Check mark at the end of each successfully finished step in configuration wizard.
  • Legend for icons in Rules and Queries tree.
  • Export design improvements and optimization.
  • Vertical resize added to the left navigation bar.

Licensing Changes

    • Consultant License restrictions
      • Consultant License Call Home - license will have to be re-activated every 30 days.
      • License file generated for the offline activation is valid for only 24 hours i.e. if you try to activate SPDocKit with a license file generated 25 hours ago, activation process will fail.
      • SPDocKit Service is no longer available within the Consultant License. The following features will be unavailable due to these restrictions: automatic farm snapshots, automatic scheduled reports sending, automatic data retention and automatic execution of queries and rules.
      • When your current Consultant subscription expires SPDocKit will warn you that re-activation is needed in case you renewed it.
    • Software Assurance changes - Software Assurance now grants a separate license key. In order to use the additional activation granted due to the purchase of software assurance, please use the software assurance key that will be visible in your profile on our Customers Portal.

SPDocKit Edition Changes

Retired Features

  • Sync to Cloud, Dropbox or OneDrive, feature is no longer available from version 5. We are introducing Save scheduled reports to File share or SharePoint library feature as a more requested option by our customers.

Click here to download new release.