[Video] SharePoint Permissions Management and Governance with SPDocKit

Our dear friend, Adis Jugo, a software architect and Microsoft MVP, prepared an interesting and very useful video about his favorite SharePoint admin tool - SPDocKit. In the video, he discusses some of the major issues in SharePoint Governance: Permissions Governance and Permissions Management, outlining key permissions management tasks and explaining how SPDocKit can be used to automate these tasks almost completely. A few of his points include:

  • adding a new audience to existing SharePoint content,
  • breaking permissions inheritance,
  • creating SharePoint groups in all the site collections,
  • managing groups and permissions,
  • reporting on permissions, and much more.

Watch the video to see these and other great permission features in SPDocKit. You can also download and read white paper on this subject written by Adis.



Table of contents

00:31 Permission management in SharePoint
04:17 Batch permissions management with SPDocKit
13:07 Checking and setting site collection admins
16:40 On-the-fly permissions management
21:04 Permissions reporting and forensics
30:18 Exporting reports

SPDocKit makes day-to-day permissions management easier

Essentialy, whenever there is a huge set of lookalike SharePoint site collections and sites, and a need for permission changes on some or all of them, SPDocKit’s permissions wizards are your best friend.

Besides dealing with a large number of site collections, SPDocKit is also the best solution for administrators dealing with permissions inside a one site collection. The Permissions Explorer enables you to quickly and efficiently manage SharePoint permissions on a daily basis. SPDocKit also can perform full permissions forensics, which helps keep your SharePoint clean by removing unused users and groups. As you would expect from this amazing tool, you can create customized permissions reports, and all generated reports can be exported as PDF, Word, or Excel documents. In short, it makes a SharePoint admin’s life much easier.

We hope this video was helpful to you. You can check out our other SPDocKit videos here. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us.

Still haven't tried SPDocKit? Free trial is available for download.

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