[Rebranding] SPDocKit 7.1 - Better Look and Feel

When Frane and Toni started Acceleratio many years ago, neither of them could have ever predicted how far we would come; and the moments and success stories we have behind us. And, yet again, here we are today—under the new name SysKit, with four great products, and more than 3,000 satisfied customers.

Now, eight years after, we decided it was time for a change and that, with moving to our new office space, we might do a bit more than remodeling. That’s how we came up with the idea to create a new visual identity and unite all products under a one brand – SysKit.


Acceleratio to SysKit rebranding

After we’ve outlined how we’re gonna pull off the product rebranding, we set the scene for new product names. That’s how SysKit (a server monitoring and administration tool) became SysKit Monitor, SQLDocKit (a SQL server administration tool) became SysKit SQL Manager, and SPDocKit Pulse (a free server administration tool) became SysKit Pulse.

We made these changes in order to unify our product line.

We’ve decided that SPDocKit should remain SPDocKit for now, due to its brand name popularity and acclaimed reputation. This means that SPDocKit’s name and web address will stay the same. As for the SPDocKit application interface, we've refreshed the colors a little bit according to our new brand guidelines.

Check out our new company website here and tell us what you think!

Do you like what we have done with it?

Also, be sure to read the full details of our rebranding journey in our official announcement. We describe how we got the idea, first drafts, designing the logos, creating a new website, and more.

SPDocKit 7.1 - Better Look and Feel

Along with the rebranding process, we have prepared a new version of SPDocKit. This release brings a dozen of improvements.

What we would like to point out is that we redesigned how we load Features and Solutions, so you should see quite an improvement on load speed. There is also a redesigned Compare and Configuration wizard, faster Live permissions explorer for SharePoint Online and in general – better handling of SharePoint Online sites.

Read the official release note and download new SPDocKit.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes we’ve made, so leave a comment in the comment section below.