Press Release - SharePoint farm settings can now be automatically documented with the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint

Zagreb, July 20th 2011. - The Documentation Toolkit for Sharepoint, a brand new software designed for documenting, comparing and monitoring SharePoint farm settings, has just been released. It saves the farm administrators time by automatically generating farm documentation and exploring all farm configuration settings through a single interface.

The primary use of the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint is simple and automated documenting of all SharePoint farm configuration settings into a single, properly formatted and structured Microsoft Word document. Such documentation is mandatory for support and maintenance reasons on most systems nowadays, and was usually created manually, by copying hundreds of individual settings into a single document. Once installed, the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint requires only a few mouse clicks without any expert knowledge required to create SharePoint farm documentation and therefore saving hours of work.

Farm configuration settings can be viewed through the software interface without exporting them to a document, providing all relevant setting information in one place instead of having it spread out over different solutions.

The Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint enables users to compare farms. It supports tracking changes within a single farm or comparing different farms. By highlighting the differences, it helps administrators find the misconfiguration and eases settings optimization.

The product offers flexible licensing and is available in Farm and Consultant edition. The Farm edition is licensed per number of SharePoint farms, it is perpetual and starts at $299 for 1 farm. The Consultant edition is a subscription type, licensed per number of users and, covers unlimited number of farms, starting at $499 annually for 1 user. The Farm edition is suitable for in-house SharePoint implementations, while the Consultant edition is created for IT consultants that want to generate documentation of all systems they implement with a single license.

Additional information as well as a fully functional trial version is available.

During the several years of my work in SharePoint environments of all sizes, I have noticed how much time administrators spend when they want to create a document with SharePoint configuration settings.It takes days even if the SharePoint farm is not a complex one, and in the case of the most advanced farms, documenting a system can be a nightmare. That’s why we created the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint - now the whole process takes 5 minutes at the most.

said Toni Frankola, CEO at Acceleratio Ltd.

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