[Official Release] Introducing Top-Notch PowerShell Automation Tool: SysKit Shell

Our team is thrilled to introduce you to the all-powerful PowerShell automation toolkit: SysKit Shell. With the PowerShell constantly evolving, we thought we could provide an enhanced, more sophisticated, feature-packed tool to improve the maximize user experience to the fullest when in managing PowerShell.

SysKit Shell is a new solution that allows system admins to run PowerShell Scripts on multiple servers simultaneously. The tool puts an end to repetitive tasks and offers complete control over all remote servers from one central console, which significantly speeding up the work of admins. Ease remote server management headaches with SysKit Shell!

Whether you are writing scripts or administering software, SysKit Shell is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to take charge of your Windows environments and simplify their management.

Installed Features Script Results

Knowing how to PowerShell your way through daily admin tasks really goes a long way to easing your daily workload. The whole idea behind PowerShell is the possibility of automating various admin tasks and managing configurations; for example, installing roles on a server. Since almost all Microsoft server products are based on it, mastering PowerShell is a must. Well, at least the basics of it. It's a learning curve you have to get on top of at some point, especially if you work with Microsoft ecosystems on a regular basis.

SysKit Shell Key Assets

It definitely is a major release, and our development team has made a concentrated effort to accomplish big things by adding sets of powerful, compelling features:

  • Script Execution on Multiple Servers
  • Create Script Wizard
  • PowerShell Gallery Module Search
  • Define PowerShell Credentials
  • Generate Reports
  • Cmdlet Parameter Support

One of the perks of SysKit Shell is ready-made scripts all set to be executed. The execution is fast and runs smoothly on various servers at the same time. There is no need to enter different scripts multiple times – admins are able to select and manage execution times for all servers in a single, all-encompassing interface. Also, with the Create Script Wizard, admins can write their PowerShell scripts directly in the SysKit Shell interface and then retrieve the necessary information. SysKit Shell checks the scripts before executing them and then displays the results in detail. With SysKit Shell, browse the entire PowerShell Gallery repository in a single interface quickly and efficiently, find the necessary modules easily and install them on your own server.

Read the official release note for more detailed overview.

Ready-Made Scripts

PowerShell scripts for SharePoint include e.g. Farm Information, Site Collection Administrators, SP Groups Owners etc., while scripts for DNS contain DNS Zone aging settings. Scripts for AD include Inactive Computers, Disabled Users, Servers by OUs etc., whereas scripts for Roles and Features cover Installed Features, Installed Roles and Windows Services. Scripts for Services and Tasks include Scheduled Tasks and Windows Services. The data is being written into the database simultaneously.

What else to say, except that it is irreplaceable for efficient system administration!

Give it a try!

SysKit Shell is offered in a fully functional 30-day free trial, which is optimal because it allows you to put all of its outstanding features to the test, including script execution on multiple servers, the Create Script Wizard, PowerShell Gallery Module Search, and generating reports. Users who want to have a go at our latest top-notch tool without registration can request a live demo.

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