SysKit custom reports: Not Connected to Servers

This article explains the use case for the Users Not Connected to Servers report which was created for a client that needed to track users who were not connected to the Remote Desktop Services via the RDP.

We designed SysKit primarily to audit and monitor user activity for users connected on the servers via RDP or the ICA protocol. These reports display user activity over the course of one day or the selected date range. That kind of monitoring is essential for larger companies and complex systems as it provides you with a statistical overview of who is connecting, from where, how long they are online, if they connect from home etc.

However, after a client expressed the need for a specific report for tracking all employees who were not connected to a server on a particular day or period, we developed the Not Connected to Servers report.

SysKit comes with a list of predefined reports; however, you will not find this custom report among your default SysKit reports. Please note that all custom reports need to be imported or downloaded manually in the application as they do not come embedded.  If you have a specific request, you can contact us with the details and report wireframe in Excel, and we will create a report for you which you can use in your Remote Desktop or Citrix server environment.

Custom reports give you only the data you want to see in the format you need to see it.

The Users Not Connected to Servers custom report is very useful for audits, employee productivity evaluations and payroll calculations. It lists users who, over a certain time period were not connected to the terminal server.

To download the report definition, follow these instructions.

When downloading available custom reports, simply select the reports and click the Install button. After the custom reports have been downloaded, the success dialog will appear, informing you that the reports have been installed. All downloaded custom reports will appear in the application within the appropriate folders that are copied from the repository.

They are all exportable in Excel and can be sent as a subscription via e-mail, saved to a file, or saved in the SharePoint library of your choice.

If you have any additional questions or you want to send us a custom report request, feel free to contact us.