[WhitePaper] Centralized SharePoint Permissions Management

Even though advanced permissions options were a key reason for SharePoint’s success, centralized, automatized permission management in SharePoint is virtually non-existent. Experienced software architect Adis Jugo has written a whitepaper to discuss how SPDocKit resolves this in the best possible way.

The whitepaper "Centralized Permissions Management"

Download the whitepaper "Centralized Permissions Management in SharePoint" to read more about the cases Adis Jugo was confronted with during his career as a SharePoint consultant.

Adis Jugo is a software architect with 20 years of professional experience in creating software solutions. He is also a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM), with extensive experience in agile project management. He is currently working as a Director of Advisory for deroso Solutions in Germany. Read more about his experiences and best practices at his blog.

Manage SharePoint permissions with SPDocKit

One of the strengths of SharePoint and one of the main reasons why the platform became so popular in the first place is permissions. It doesn’t matter whether permissions are governed centrally or site owners can grant permissions themselves - the power and granularity of permissions management in SharePoint helped the platform’s popularity skyrocket.

Everyone could set up permissions in his or her own way but that’s the problem. SharePoint has never been good at centralized permissions management. When an IT Administrator needs to add/delete/change users on several hundred, or even several thousand site collections things get interesting. In addition, it can be a challenging to trace the history of permission changes in SharePoint environments that are not tightly governed.

SPDocKit includes a wizard-like centralized permissions management tool that makes day-to-day permissions management much less painful. It offers batch permissions management across site collections, simplified permissions management inside a single-site collection with powerful cleanup and forensic, reporting options. SPDocKIt is a lightweight Windows Forms tool that does not tamper with SharePoint installations in any way.

For more information about SPDocKit permissions and reports, read the full whitepaper.

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