Vinko Bedek

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Software Architect in the SysKit Security Manager team. Likes to tinker in the hidden parts of Office 365.

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SharePoint Online's “Shared With” Column: Explained and Demystified

SharePoint Online allows you to modify the document library by adding additional fields to expand the view for the library. One of these is called “Shared With.” If you wonder what it shows, look no further: here is a detailed explanation.

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Retrieve Associated SharePoint Site URL for Microsoft Teams

Recently we needed to retrieve a list of SharePoint site collections associated with our Microsoft Teams.This proved more difficult than we anticipated and could not find a straightforward solution. So in case somebody else stumbles upon this.

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B2B users tenant selection in a multi-tenant Azure Active Directory

This is a developer-oriented post, so a basic understanding of OAuth2 and Azure Active Directory authentication is required.

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SharePoint Solution Assembly Deployment Validation

If it were up to Microsoft, farm solutions would be long forgotten, and not without a good reason.

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