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Toni is a co-founder and CEO of SysKit. On top of that, he is an entrepreneur, IT consultant, and nine-time SharePoint MVP. Over the years, Toni has contributed to the Microsoft community, becoming a valuable member and earning awards in multiple categories.

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Top 10 Office 365 Best Practices Every Admin Should Know

Your IT provider hooked you up with Office 365, but you're not sure everything is set up as it should be. Here are the top 10 Office 365 best practices every Office 365 administrator should know.

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Top 10 SharePoint Misconfigurations and How to Avoid Them

SPDocKit helps SharePoint admins around the globe in provisioning and maintaining the best SharePoint farms out there. How does it do that, you might ask.

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External Sharing in SharePoint Online: Key Facts & Best Practices

One of the key benefits of living in the SharePoint Online cloud is the ease of collaboration, not just with your co-workers, but also with all the partners and vendors. External sharing gives people outside of your organization access to certain.

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[Ebook] SharePoint Security Management: Terminology and Best Practices

SharePoint permissions are a very complex subject, mainly because there are so many permission types you can assign throughout your SharePoint environment. For SharePoint admins, IT person or site collection admin, to assign the correct.

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SharePoint Permissions Governance

In this article we’ve included all the things you should keep an eye on before going into SharePoint permission management. These best practices we refer to both SharePoint on-prem and SharePoint Online.

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Retrieve all Windows Server roles with SysKit

Today we had an interesting use case that demonstrates how you can use our new SysKit PowerShell reports to create a usable and comprehensive server inventory. I wanted to get a list of all the servers in our production domain that have the Hyper-V.

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Press Release - SharePoint farm settings can now be automatically documented with the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint

Zagreb, July 20th 2011. - The Documentation Toolkit for Sharepoint, a brand new software designed for documenting, comparing and monitoring SharePoint farm settings, has just been released. It saves the farm administrators time by automatically.

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