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Todd Klindt is a 12 year Microsoft MVP specializing in Infrastructure and Administration topics for SharePoint and Office 365. He is a Chief Evangelist at SysKit.

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Office 365 Migration Checklist

Microsoft Office 365 migration is all the rage these days. Everyone’s doing it. And while it’s natural to be excited about getting to taste the sweet nectar that is SharePoint Online, you have to be patient and plan your Office 365 migration.

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Upgrading from Classic to Modern SharePoint

Who says once you move into the cloud that upgrades and migrations can’t be fun? In this blog post I will discuss the advantages and challenges of upgrading from Classic to Modern SharePoint.

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How SharePoint Farm Documentation Can Save Your Neck

Nobody likes SharePoint farm documentation. I'll take that back, everyone loves documentation when they need to read it, no one likes to write documentation.

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SharePoint 2019 – Something to Look Forward to!

I’ve been working with SharePoint since 2002, and really been up to my elbows in it since 2006. Every time I hear about a new version coming out I still get all excited like I did on the first day of summer as a kid. Last month, at the SharePoint.

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Now that SharePoint 2019 is Announced, Should I Even Bother with SharePoint 2016?

There are many questions that have stumped wise men and philosophers since the beginning of time; “What is the meaning of life?”, “Why do fools fall in love?”, and “How do you stick Teflon to a pan when nothing sticks to Teflon?” I am neither a.

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