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[Video] Manage Permissions in SharePoint Online

For a long time, our customers have wanted the ability to connect to SharePoint Online. In the new version of SPDocKit our users finally have this option. We made a video to demonstrate this exciting new functionality. In the video, we explain.

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SPDocKit customers: SharePoint 2013 the most used version in 2015!

Summer has already arrived but our SPDocKit team is constantly working on product improvements. Two minor releases are already behind us and many new features are ahead. It comes as no surprise that our customer base keeps on growing and keeping our.

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[WhitePaper] Centralized SharePoint Permissions Management

Even though advanced permissions options were a key reason for SharePoint’s success, centralized, automatized permission management in SharePoint is virtually non-existent. Experienced software architect Adis Jugo has written a whitepaper to.

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