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8 Ways to Create Office 365 Groups – Overview and Differences

There are many ways to create Office 365 Groups, some of which people are still not aware of. That may lead to the accidental creation of Groups, which can cause unnecessary consumption of resources. Here's a list of 8 ways to make your Groups.

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Office 365 External Sharing Configuration Guide

External sharing in Office 365 and SharePoint Online makes collaboration between companies, clients, and partners easier than ever before. It allows unlimited collaboration, with people inside and outside your company. So it's extremely important.

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Breaking Down the Common SharePoint Governance Myths

Over the years, a certain mystery has developed concerning SharePoint governance. But the whole thing is quite simple if you follow the ground rules and avoid common misconceptions. We broke down the 11 SharePoint governance myths that were.

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SysKit Welcomes Todd Klindt as Chief Evangelist

Woot woot! We have some exciting news to share: Microsoft MVP Todd Klindt just became our Chief Evangelist!

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GDPR Compliance and SharePoint: 10 Steps to Prepare with SPDocKit

With the date of GDPR enforcement quickly approaching, many businesses need to prepare their SharePoint environments in accordance with the data protection requirements. 

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