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8 Tricks to Save OneDrive for Business Storage

If your company has a premium Office 365 license, it means that every employee gets personal storage inside OneDrive for Business. Each user has up to 1TB to save business documents and files – no matter where they are.

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Ultimate Admin Guide to Microsoft Teams Guest Users

Introducing full guest access in Microsoft Teams revolutionized the whole concept of teams. Now, you can invite anyone with an email to join your team, collaborate with you and even create channels on their own. As great as that is, you need to.

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SysKit Celebrates 9th Birthday!

This year, SysKit is celebrating its ninth birthday! We have accomplished so much since our humble beginnings in 2009. 

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OneDrive for Business – Improvements and Updates for 2018

Talk of OneDrive has been on the lips of many SharePoint and Office365 users recently. Microsoft has announced a substantial list of improvements and updates that will be made to OneDrive by the end of this year.

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10 Pros and Cons of Microsoft Teams

Last year, Microsoft launched Microsoft Teams—a tool that raised a lot of dust. Teams, part of the Office 365 pack, bring together all the functionalities of other Office 365 tools to create a unique collaboration and communication hub for teams.

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Office 365 Groups – 3 Best Practices for Admins to Avoid Clutter

By default, every user from your organization has a right to create an Office 365 Group. It’s a big plus for collaboration, but it’s an even bigger headache for management.

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SysKit Survey Results: SharePoint Usage & Stats

This May, the SysKit team was exhibiting at the European Collaboration Summit in Mainz, Germany. 
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8 Ways to Create Office 365 Groups – Understand the Differences and Avoid Clutter

There are many ways to create Office 365 Groups, some of which people are still not aware of. That may lead to the accidental creation of Groups, which can cause unnecessary consumption of resources. Here's a list of 8 ways to make your Groups.

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Office 365 External Sharing Configuration Guide

External sharing in Office 365 and SharePoint Online makes collaboration between companies, clients, and partners easier than ever before. It allows unlimited collaboration, with people inside and outside your company. So it's extremely important.

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Breaking Down the Common SharePoint Governance Myths

Over the years, a certain mystery has developed concerning SharePoint governance. But the whole thing is quite simple if you follow the ground rules and avoid common misconceptions. We broke down the 11 SharePoint governance myths that were.

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