2016 SysKit survey analysis and prize winners

Not so long ago we decided to bring all our server monitoring products together into one product – SysKit. It combined all the features of our previous products with some brand-new ones. To get a better perspective of how well our server-monitoring solution is performing, we decided to send out a SysKit survey to all our customers using SysKit tool, as well as previous server monitoring tools made by Acceleratio (Terminal Services Log, Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor, and Server Monitoring Toolkit). We were wondering how satisfied they are with the existing features and other aspects of our product. Also, we wanted to learn what improvements and which new features users would like to see in future releases.

In general, we wanted to get insight into how SysKit is perceived by our customers, so we can improve it and create an even better product experience.

We are thankful to everyone for taking the time to complete the survey. All responses, comments, and suggestions will be taken into close consideration by our SysKit team. Upon survey completion, all respondents were automatically entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card. Winners have been notified via email. Congratulations to all!

Who completed the SysKit survey?

The survey was completed by users who purchased SysKit, as well as users currently testing it in the trial version. Since our former server-monitoring tools were rebranded as SysKit, among the participants were customers of Terminal Services Log, RD Gateway Monitor, and Server Monitoring Toolkit. Some of them are still using these tools, although majority of participants are using SysKit.

Given that SysKit is a server monitoring solution for many environments, we wanted to find out which server-based computing solution our respondents are using the most. With the help of the collected data, we can conclude whether it makes sense to work on specific features intended for particular types of server environments. 22% of our respondents use Windows Servers, with 21% using Remote Desktop Services on top of Windows Server. Since SysKit supports Workstations as well, it’s good to know that 17% of respondents use it to monitor workstations. SQL or SharePoint servers are used by 14%, and Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop by 11% of SysKit users.

SysKit feature usage

Your responses gave us a bigger picture of which features you are satisfied or dissatisfied with, and which features we should include in our upcoming releases.

As we can see from data collected, the most-used SysKit feature is User-activity Auditing. This feature has been a champion among the many SysKit features for a long time. Monitoring and reporting on user activities is one of the main aspects of SysKit, and nothing makes us happier than to see how our tool is performing well in this segment. This feature is followed by Server Performance Monitoring, which is a novelty on the feature list, so it is expected to grow rapidly since it was one of the most expected features. Application Usage Monitoring comes in a big third on the most-used features list.

One thing we really wanted to get out of this SysKit survey was which features our users would like to see in future versions. We read all your suggestions, and we are already working on some of them. Further details will be announced in time – the future is bright, and lots of new and exciting features will follow. When we asked respondents what kind of SysKit application they would prefer in the future, the majority answered that they would like web browser access (36%).

After we went through the data gathered from our respondents, suggestions were taken into consideration, and we went back to making SysKit an even better server monitoring tool. Thanks again to all our dear customers and SysKit users for completing the survey and giving us their feedback. We promise that we’ll use it wisely.

Check out some interesting stats in the infographic below:

SysKit Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016