We have just released SPDocKit 5.3.1

We have shipped SPDocKit 5.3.1. This is a minor release with an improvement that allows users to choose where the farm snapshots will be saved as well as some bug fixes.

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Product version: 5.3.1
Build number: 26642
Release date: Nov 19, 2015


  • Option to choose whether to save farm snapshots to the SPDocKit database or to the desired disk location.
  • Farm product key is now optional in the AutoSPInstaller XML configuration file generator.

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved problem with “String was not recognized as a valid Boolean” exception on the Changes History tab.
  • Resolved problem with “Specified cast is not valid“ exception appearing after navigating from the Cache Size best practices report to the Changes History screen.
  • Resolved problem with “Unable to cast object of type 'System.Int32' to type 'System.String'” exception appearing due to an edited report layout and URL formatting encompassing the wrong column.
  • Resolved problem with “Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute” exception while trying to log the AD resolving exceptions.
  • Resolved problem with duplicates on database and account mappings in the AutoSPInstaller XML configuration file generator which caused the wizard to malfunction.
  • Resolved problem with “Sequence contains no matching element” exception caused by Search Index Path report detecting the wrong location.
  • Resolved problem with “Sequence contains more than one matching element” exception appearing when user tries to save previously loaded farm settings.
  • Resolved problem with load wizard reporting issues due to a removed content type trying to be loaded by SPDocKit.
  • Resolved problem with missing information related to UPA in the farm explorer reports on SharePoint 2010 because the app.config file contained unnecessary restrictions.
  • Resolved problem with some content database files missing on the Database Files report.
  • Resolved problem with SPDocKit incorrectly reporting AD users’ state as disabled.

Click here to download new release.