We have just released SPDocKit 5.3

We have shipped the SPDocKit 5.3.0. This is a minor release which supports SP2016 Preview and includes a wizard for generating an XML configuration file for AutoSPInstaller and as well there are some permissions management improvements and new useful reports, as well as some bug fixes.

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Product version: 5.3.0
Build number: 25767
Release date: Oct 15, 2015


  • AutoSPInstaller Support
  • Live Permissions Compare
  • Create Group improvements
  • Show All Groups Live Permissions Explorer option.
  • New Clean Site Collection Wizard's option - Replace group owners disabled in AD.
  • A new membership report called Member of provides an overview of groups that the selected principals are members of.
  • SharePoint groups without users is a new cleanup permissions report that will help you discover all SharePoint groups that have been created but do not have any members assigned.
  • New best practices report, Number of Application Pools, which will tell you if the recommended number of application pools for your WFE servers has been exceeded.
  • To help you remember which SPDocKit snapshot reflected your farm's best state, we've implemented a Mark as good configuration option on the Change History tab. Use this snapshot to run a comparison with any other snapshot and find out if there are any changes that require your attention.
  • You can now crawl your farm for all the lists that have more than the defined number of list items using Item Count list's query property. See if someone has been piling up unnecessary items or which list is the most popular in your company.
  • Configure or modify the contact person for allow permission requests using a new SPDocKit rule intuitively called “Allow permission request”. If you would like to change the current contact person, just provide the new contact details and SPDocKit's rule will make the change in just a couple of seconds.
  • SPDocKit Extensions
  • We've added a couple of new farm explorer reports, Connection Containers and Connection Filters, to provide an even more detailed overview of your UPA settings.
  • Support for the SharePoint 2016 Preview.

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  • An option to skip the loading of installed programs and updates during a farm load has been added.
  • SPDocKit report filters have been refactored and improved.
  • Mapped Attribute properties are now loaded in the User Profile Properties report.
  • You can now rename farms from the SPDocKit database using the Rename Farm option in the Change History tab or under the Configuration section of the backstage.
  • Couple of UI changes to the Permission Levels wizard.
  • The Servers List report is grouped by server name.
  • A horizontal scroll bar has been added to the permissions wizards to give a better overview of the information.
  • More details about the selected objects have been added to the Permission Compare Differences report. The generated report provides information about the selected source and target down to the list item level.
  • The System Settings folder has been reordered in the farm explorer tree.
  • Better validation of the location path for uploading the subscriptions to SharePoint or the fileshare.
  • SQL Service Accounts and Product Keys reports are now grouped by server name.
  • A column for the server name has been added to the Monitoring log.
  • A warning is given in the Unmodified Content report when the latest available loading info is older than x days.
  • Paging has been added to the folder details grid (when clicking on the folder, if there are too many items, now there is a paging to help you navigate through them).
  • The Site Collection reports are now grouped by web application.
  • The Manual Snapshot column on the Change History tab has a new name – Mode. Its value is either automatic or manual.
  • The Orphaned Users report now shows two types of orphaned users: those who have been disabled and those who have been deleted in the Active Directory.
  • By clicking the View in SharePoint button when a web application is selected, you can manage the SharePoint user policies for that web application.
  • A Verbose Logging option has been added to the general section of the Options wizard. If you would like to receive detailed Windows event log information about SPDocKit performance, keep this option turned on.
  • An option to open the generated or exported file after the generation of all exports and documentation has been added.
  • In the Live Permissions Explorer, if you are on an object that inherits permissions from its parent, there is a warning telling you to go to the parent to manage permissions by using the Go to parent button.
  • The User Properties button has been added to the Live Permissions Explorer's context menu. Select the desired principal and use the right mouse button click to choose this option.

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Bugs Fixed

  • Folders and list items were not sorted properly in the permissions reports.
  • Generated table of contents in the documentation was showing incorrect page numbers.
  • Sorting of the Site Collection List by the primary admin was wrong.
  • An issue with the manual saving template for the documentation style in the installation folder.
  • The application crashes if a license goes stale during use.
  • Live Permissions Explorer issues due to a connection timeout (if the content database was not accessible the Live Permissions Explorer misbehaved).
  • Search Index Path not being populated correctly.
  • The app crashed when connecting with a different resolution during an export.
  • Data retention not working properly when workflows had been loaded previously.
  • The Excel Service application report was not being exported properly, especially if the Trusted Locations report had more than one value.
  • Farm files were being duplicated in the Compare Wizard if they were copied to a saved farms folder from multiple farms.
  • Content Usage reports were visible for SharePoint 2007 farms though they are not supported for that SharePoint version.
  • The Options wizard section for Subscription Settings was missing information, causing the application to crash.
  • Empty Backup and Analyze location tooltip was causing issues.
  • False detection of a snapshot differences
  • The move to group/copy to group action was creating an infinite group listing if there were no groups to select.
  • The mapping details of the UPA profile properties were not being displayed properly.
  • The IIS and SQL Differences report was missing details about the objects being compared.
  • Loading issues caused by the diagnostic provider.
  • IIS load was not working when a server has more than one IP address.
  • Farm Account is not Local Admin best practices issues caused by case sensitivity.
  • Web.config data not being loaded when an SPDocKit database hasn't been configured.

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