How to upload autogenerated documentation to a SharePoint library

In this blog, we’re going to describe how you can upload to a SharePoint library autogenerated documentation that you’ve gathered with SPDocKit.

Along with the other two delivery options that allow you to send the documentation to your email address or to upload it to File Share, we have redesigned these features a little bit to allow send the documentation to your SharePoint library.

This feature has turned out to be very convenient for our users, since they can upload documentation files across a SharePoint Online site.

6 steps for uploading the documentation to a SharePoint library with SPDocKit

To save the autogenerated documentation to a SharePoint library, you will have to create a new subscription. To do so, follow these instructions:

1.Navigate to the Backstage Configuration Screen and click Subscriptions and Alerts. You can also reach these options through the Home Ribbon.

2. The Subscription and Alerts manager will open. Click New Subscription.

3. Type in the subscription name and select the schedule type that defines how often you want to receive this subscription.

4. Navigate to the Delivery tab, and under the SharePoint section, select the Send to SharePoint Library check box.

Note that if this is the first time you are using this feature, you must create a new library connection before you can proceed.

Click New and specify whether you are connecting to an On-Premise or SharePoint Online site. Input the Library URL and the Display name. You can use Integrated or Custom Credentials. Click Test. SPDocKit will send a test subscription to check if the given Library URL is valid. Click Save.

SPDocKit - Connect to SharePoint librabry

5. This time from the New Subscription dialog, navigate to the Reports tab and click Add Report.

6. In the General section, for the report type, select Farm Documentation, choose a name for your attachment and a file format (PDF, XLSX or DOCX), then click OK to finish.

SPDocKit - Save to a SharePoint library

Customize your documentation

When generating SharePoint documentation, you can customize the documentation to match your corporate branding with your existing template, or you can download our sample documentation template. Refer to our help article titled Customize Documentation Template to find more information on how to customize the table styles, headers, footers and front page.

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