Unavailable features when installing SPDocKit without a database

This blog post explains what happens if you decide skip the SPDocKit database configuration step. Certain reports will unfortunately not be functional without a database.

SPDocKit uses the database for storing data gathered from your SharePoint farm. If you choose not to use this database, keep in mind that some SPDocKit features will not be available.

If you are not sure whether to use a database when installing SPDocKit, here is a list of unavailable features:

  • Permissions Explorer historical records
  • Permissions reports
  • Content and Usage reports
  • Report Subscriptions
  • Monitoring reports (Windows event and ULS event gathering)
  • License Management
  • Site Explorer reports
  • Queries and Rules

When configuring SPDocKit database, this database should be a SPDocKit dedicated database so make sure you don’t provide a SharePoint database for this purpose.

We hope this post helped resolve any doubts you might have had. If you have any additional questions regarding unavailable features, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time