Try our new SharePoint server monitoring tool - SysKit

After introducing to you our proud creation, the ultimate SharePoint admin tool – SPDocKit, we would now like to present to you our server monitoring tool, SysKit! In this post we discuss some of the common tasks that can be accomplished with SysKit.


Have you ever wondered how to turn your SharePoint server monitoring nightmare into a user-friendly experience? Worry not - SysKit is here.

What does SysKit do, you might ask?  Good question, and you're in just the right place to find out.

It serves as an easy-to-use tool with a solution for Windows Server environments such as SharePoint, SQL, Exchange, etc. With SysKit, you can add servers and computers, and monitor all of them from a central dashboard in real-time. Isn't that just awesome?

Here is a list of most important SysKit features:

  • Monitor Windows servers and applications performance.
  • Monitor and restart stopped Windows services.
  • Enable real-time alerting.
  • Monitor user activities and application usage.
  • Monitor RD Gateway connections.
  • Report on computer inventory.

Apart from supporting Windows Servers, SysKit also supports Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop, Remote Desktop Gateway and workstations.

And that's not even the half of it! Curious to find out more? SysKit is here to help you detect various issues in the following cases:

  • If Bad AppPools cause too high CPU usage
  • If IIS is using too many CPU resources and if you need another WFE server
  • Resource usage of SharePoint services
  • Stopped SharePoint services or ISS server, and then let’s you auto-start it
  • Detect users connecting to SharePoint or SQL servers console