SysKit survey results and prize winners

It’s been a year since we united all our server monitoring products under one roof—SysKit. During that time, many new features came to life and SysKit gained many new customers.

For us to tailor a great product experience and get a perspective of SysKit’s reception by our clients, we sent out an annual survey to all SysKit users. User opinion is very important to us, and we're always looking to set our product goals according to their needs. The main focus of this survey was on finding out how satisfied users are with various aspects of our product and which improvements they would like to see in future releases. All survey questions combined had one goal—to help us create an even better product!

We thank everyone who took the time to participate in our survey. All answers and suggestions will be carefully considered by the SysKit team.

SysKit survey prize winners:

Upon completing the survey, all respondents were automatically entered into a draw for $100 and $50 Amazon gift cards. Congratulations to our winners, who have already been notified via e-mail!

$100 Amazon gift card – David Kahn

$50 Amazon gift card – Leigh Bonser

Survey results:

  • The survey was completed by users who had purchased SysKit as well as those currently testing the trial version.

  • These are the server-based computing solutions most used by our respondents:

    • 23% use Windows Servers, with 16% using Remote Desktop Services on top of Windows Server
    • 18% use Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop
    • 16% use SharePoint on SQL servers
    • 16% use Windows Workstations
    • 9% use Remote Desktop Gateway
    • 4% use VMware Horizon

The information we have gathered on solutions our clients use will help us to determine what features and improvements we should prioritize to offer a unique experience for all server environments.

  • According to our respondents, these are the most popular SysKit features:

    1. User Activity Monitoring
    2. Server Performance Monitoring
    3. Application Usage Monitoring
    4. Server Inventory Tracking
    5. Logon Events Tracking
    6. License Compliance Auditing

User Activity Monitoring is the most used SysKit feature for the second year in a row. This feature enables our clients to report on user activity on their servers. The second most popular feature is the Server Performance Monitoring—a feature that has undergone many improvements this year. The ability to monitor application usage ranks third in this year’s survey.

  • The most requested and anticipated features by our respondents are:

    • 22% Centralized management of all event logs from all servers
    • 17% Remote PowerShell administration of servers
    • 15% List of monitoring templates for all server roles
    • 14% Audit of the event viewer security log
    • 12% Custom Reports availability through the Web Application

These answers give us a clear picture of our users’ needs, and we’ll be looking to fulfill them in future releases. Note that the Remote PowerShell Administration is featured in our latest SysKit update, and will be further upgraded in an upcoming release.

  • Our users selected the following benefits of using SysKit:

    • 27% Increased productivity
    • 24% Better system control
    • 14% More time for other tasks
    • 11% Decreased system maintenance costs
    • 11% Faster responses to issues

SysKit is focused on helping system administrators and consultants in their daily work, and judging on the feedback provided by our users, it is doing superb work! By making users more productive and putting them in control, SysKit fulfills its main goal.

  • While the product price, purchase experience, and software quality were voted on average with 4 out of 5 stars, the majority of respondents awarded our customer support team with 5 stars!

  • 92% of our respondents would gladly recommend SysKit to their colleagues.

  • Note that 56% of our respondents learned about SysKit after browsing the internet for a problem solution, and 20% of our users were referred to our product by a friend or a colleague.

Surveys are a great way for us to find out what our users and clients want, whether they are satisfied with our product, and if they have any suggestions for what we can improve. That is why this input has great value for our team. We will take all your replies into consideration in the hope of making SysKit even better. If you have any additional suggestions, feel free to contact usThank you for participating in this survey!

Check out some interesting stats in the infographic below:

SysKit survey results and prize winners