SysKit custom reports: Apps by Farms

This blog post helps you discover all the benefits of using SysKit to handle patch management in your server environment with Apps by Farms SysKit custom report. Patch management comes in handy with more complex systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft SharePoint when you need to make sure that all your different servers handling different roles have the latest security patches. Especially when they come with security issue fixes.

SysKit is primarily a monitoring and reporting solution that allows you to track user activities over RDP, diagnose server performance problems, and monitor application usage on your remote desktop session host servers and workstations. However, SysKit is also designed to help you track software versions already installed across your SharePoint farm and detect available updates.

Patch Management with SysKit

It is very important that every server in your farm is updated to the latest version and that you are running the same version across all your farms. For example, you need to align all your SharePoint Web Front End servers with the latest SharePoint CUs and/or security patches. This is where SysKit comes in handy! With only a few clicks, you can generate a report to compare security patch levels on the different SharePoint WFE servers.

Use SysKit to generate a complete inventory of what is installed on any server or workstation you monitor and get:

  • Simplified and centralized windows patch management
  • Agentless, scalable architecture where you can easily monitor hundreds of servers or farms
  • Scheduled reports and notifications to receive alerts on what has been installed on the SharePoint servers.

Custom Security Patch Reports for Multiple SharePoint Farms

Although SysKit comes with a list of predefined reports, you will not, however, find this custom report among your default SysKit reports. Please note that all custom reports need to be imported manually or downloaded into the application as they do not come embedded. If you have a specific request, you can contact us with the details and report wireframe in Excel, and we will create a report for you which you can then use in your environment.

Custom reports give you only the data you want to see in the format you need to see it.

The Apps by Farms custom report is available for download. When you have finished the download, you have to import it into your SysKit application. To download the report definition, please follow these instructions.

All downloaded custom reports will appear in the application within the appropriate folders that are copied from the repository. To find the Apps By Farms custom report, navigate to the Custom Reports section. Once you have downloaded the Apps by Farms custom report, you can use it to retrieve information about everything that is installed on the environment you are monitoring, using SysKit custom reports.

In the following Apps by Farms custom report you can see the server and application in question, as well as which version had been installed on it, its install location, and its publisher. For example, you are running a certain version of SharePoint and you want to check that all your farms are on the same version and that they have been patched with the latest SharePoint cumulative update.

If you have different SharePoint CUs or your servers have not been updated to the latest version, you can identify them using this custom report and then proceed accordingly to update them. Furthermore, you can use SysKit to create scheduled reports and define delivery methods so your server will always be on the same security patch level.

For additional information on patch management, check out our Keep up with security updates by using SysKit video.  If you need help with SysKit or you wish to send a custom report request, feel free to contact us.