SPDocKit 5 – Keep your SharePoint under control!

The last 365 days have been a great journey for the Acceleratio team. Our extended family got even bigger, we moved to a new office and we celebrated our fifth birthday! Between of all these celebrations and mouthfuls of cake, we still found time to make SPDocKit even more awesome than before.


Even now, there is no time to rest - while the current version is being released, our developers are already planning the next milestones in SPDocKit history. A little bird told me something yesterday about content type management, workflows and SQL Server settings documentation.

The official release notes have a detailed summary of the new features and improvements, but here are a few highlights what's new in SPDocKit 5.

New Name and Appearance

We decided to abbreviate the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint to our well-known nickname SPDocKit. With a shorter name came a new backstage design and a brand new icon set.

Live Permissions Explorer

You no longer have to configure SPDocKit database and load SharePoint permissions to explore them, just install SPDocKit and enjoy the ride. The Live Permission Explorer option is available on all supported SharePoint versions: SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013.


Permission Management

Manage permissions using SPDocKit 5's user-friendly interface. Keep your SharePoint permissions under control: grant, edit, remove, copy, transfer and much more in just couple of clicks. Use either action buttons or permission wizards depending on the desired SharePoint permission management scope.


Queries and Rules

Create automatic or manual procedures that will allow you to manage content settings or create custom reports about your SharePoint objects. The Wizard History provides an easy overview of previously executed actions.


Cleanup Reports

Make sure that under your watch your SharePoint farm is free of unnecessary users and groups. This group of reports will tell you which users and groups no longer have any permissions granted but are still a part of your SharePoint farm.


Content Usage Reports

Predict your future database growth, detect unmodified content and deserted projects, and easily check your whole SharePoint occupancy using storage metrics.


SPDocKit Edition Changes

SPDocKit editions have new names and feature collections. Please check the official release notes for further details regarding these changes.

Click here to download new release.