SPDocKit 5 Beta - Alive and Kicking!

It has been about 7 months since our last major release, so what has the SPDocKit team been up to?

We certainly hope that Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint has gained a large number of fans and established a good reputation in the SharePoint community over the last couple of years. We decided to upgrade our professional documentation tool to make it the ultimate SharePoint medicine to help you manage your farm permissions without losing sleep or precious time.

Our hard-working team spent hours and hours exploring, coding and testing to bring you the new and improved SPDocKit 5 – the documentation and management tool for SharePoint!


Please don't get confused, this is still the tool we all know and love, even better, we've only changed the name. Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint will now officially be called by a nickname that most of us already use - SPDocKit.

What is this version bringing to the table?

It all began with the Live Permission Explorer, a feature that now provides a live overview of farm permissions and which works even without configuring the SPDocKit database on SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

It continued with Permissions management features, which you can use to administrate your SharePoint permissions using just SPDocKit 5. If you decide to create a new SharePoint group, grant permissions to users and groups, break permission inheritance, clone permissions of one user permissions to another, and much more, then SPDocKit can now do the job in a couple of clicks.

Use Permissions Wizards to change Site Collection Administrators, clean out unused content and principals from a Site Collection, manage groups and group memberships, and transfer permissions to desired users – we've implemented all these features!

Permission management

If you want to know which of your documents haven't been used in a while, which SharePoint groups and users are just making a mess on SharePoint without permissions granted, or how fast the Content database will grow, use the new Cleanup and Content Usage reports, which will give you the insight and ability to organize your farm even better.

A new feature definitely worth mentioning is Rules and Queries. These are manual or automatic procedures that can adjust your settings regarding document check out, adding attachments, versioning and similar configuration tasks. Just select the scope for a rule and you are good to go. Use the queries to see if you've missed something from the configuration and even receive results via email.

In the end, we decided to add just a bit of color to our favorite application as a final polishing touch. There are many more cool new features, but we will let you discover and explore them yourself.

SPDocKit 5 Beta in your hands

To conclude, even though the motto of our morning daily meetings became: “It's never too early to cry because of SharePoint”, we are definitely more than proud finally to present to you the Beta version of SPDocKit 5.

Keep in mind that this is a early pre-release build. Many of the features and scenarios are still in development. As such, this build is not intended for production environments, labs or a full evaluation.