SPDocKit customers: SharePoint 2013 the most used version in 2015!

Summer has already arrived but our SPDocKit team is constantly working on product improvements. Two minor releases are already behind us and many new features are ahead. It comes as no surprise that our customer base keeps on growing and keeping our dear customers happy is our top priority. It's always nice and helpful to hear about experiences with our product and that's why we developed the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Every year more and more customers decide to participate and we are grateful to all who responded to our surveys. It truly helps us to make our tool even better.

Statistics on SharePoint environment and SPDocKit feature usage

We collected data about the hardware and software used in our customers' SharePoint environment. Many of our customers still use SharePoint 2010 but 59% of them have the latest SharePoint version installed, which is good to know since support for SharePoint 2010 will end in October 2015. Most use Windows Server 2008R2 on a 4 core CPU, with 8 GB of memory and two servers in a farm.

As well as learning about the SharePoint environment, it's always interesting to see and analyze the usage of SPDocKit features. We are delighted that 90% of our customers are using the new version of SPDocKit. The most used feature is Farm Explorer, which allows system administrators to explore SharePoint configuration settings. Besides this they use the Best practices and Permissions reports the most. They manage, grant and remove permissions most often. To keep their SharePoint farm permissions healthy, 27% of users likes to use Clean site collection and 17% likes to Manage site administrators.

Check out more interesting stats on the infographic below. We're already using all this info to plan cool new features and we're looking forward to the new releases.

SPDocKit feature usage infographic

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