SysKit custom reports: Screen Resolutions by Client Name

This article covers the use case for the the Screen Resolutions by Client Name custom report and explains useful features of this specific report.

Although SysKit comes with a list of predefined reports, please note that you will not find this custom report among your default SysKit reports. If you have a specific request, you can contact us with the details and wireframe of the report, and we will create a report which you can use in your environment.

Screen Resolutions by Client Name report

There is already a similar report in SysKit – Screen Resolutions Use. It shows you the screen resolution usage percentage in a pie chart, and lists users who use a specific resolution on a particular thin or fat client. This way you can find the different clients that you use in your environment.

However, for our client's needs, we created an additional report – Screen Resolutions by Client Name because in their environment a lot of different students are using one client and they needed to locate the exact client name not the actual user or student using the thin client. This particular report is useful considering the client in question is a university with 8,000 users on three servers. Multiple students are using the same thin client so we were interested in the report that tracks which thin client is using which resolution – the resolution of each client machine connecting to the server.

The Screen Resolutions by Client Name custom report is available for download. Once you have downloaded this custom report, you have to manually import or download it into your SysKit application, as it does not come embedded.

To download the report definition, follow these instructions.

When downloading available custom reports, simply select the reports and click the Install button. After the custom reports have been downloaded, the success dialog will appear, informing you that the reports have been installed. All downloaded custom reports will appear in the application within the appropriate folders that are copied from the repository.

Use this report to find out the resolution of each client machine connecting to the server.

    1. Navigate to Custom Reports > Resolutions by Clients.
    2. Drag the Screen Resolution column to the group box.
    3. In the Reports ribbon, click Export, and then choose Dynamic PivotTable. Click Export to continue and save your report.
    4. When the Excel table opens, in the PivotTable Fields drag Screen Resolution and Client fields to the Rows area. Then drag Client field to the Values area and select count.

The exported custom report will list how many clients are using which screen resolutions.

If you have any additional questions or want to send us a custom report request, feel free to contact us.