Paint it, Black! - SPDocKit 6

Did you already notice our new logo? Let me introduce you to SPDocKit 6, still the ultimate administrator's tool for SharePoint, rebranded and refreshed.

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As you may already know, Acceleratio is from Croatia, and in Croatian “kit” means whale. This year we decided to change our icon to a little orange whale that we hope will soon become an immediately recognizable representative of SPDocKit.

SPDocKit 6 Splashscreen

New Appearance

SPDocKit 6 has gone to the dark side :) You can enjoy the new SPDocKit appearance by switching to the dark skin using general application options.

Snapshot or Snapshot?

There is no longer a difference between taking a snapshot and loading farm settings. Each time farm settings and permissions are loaded, a new snapshot file will be created. A list of all previously created snapshots can be found in the Snapshots tab, previously known as the Change History tab.

We also added the option to import snapshots (or old farm files) from any location, after which they will be available from the Snapshots tab regardless of their original location.

What's more, you can export snapshots and use them as you did with farm files, transferring and exploring them in any other SPDocKit application instance.

Compare Wizard

The look and feel of the Compare Wizard has been raised to a new level. You no longer have to map your farm settings every time you want to see the difference between two farms. Compare Wizard will remember them each time a comparison is made. Also, we added service application mapping, application pool identity mapping, and host name mapping to improve the accuracy of the results. In addition, there are other details which will make Compare Wizard easier to use.

Best Practices Customization

The Customize Best Practices wizard allows you to modify each numerical value in best practices reports to better suit your environment's needs. If a best practices report's default values have been modified, you will receive a warning to make sure you are aware of the changes.

SPDocKit 6 Best Practices Customization

AutoSPInstaller Improvements

AutoSPInstaller feature has been widely accepted, so we've added a couple of more miscellaneous options such as installation directory, data directory, loopback check disable option, search on object selections, auto completion of required accounts and passwords, and so on. There is also a useful new option to clone or remove servers of the original farm in the server mappings step.

Application Settings Configuration

The Application Settings Management feature will export your SPDocKit settings, and create a settings file that you can import to any number of application instances across other farms. In addition to the documentation template, this file includes best practices and report customizations, service settings, email settings, data retention, and compare settings.

SPDocKit 6 Settings Management

Licensing and Editions Changes

Another change is that SPDocKit will no longer have editions. From now on you'll just choose the preferred license type - Farm, Site, Consultant, Team or Workstation - and you'll be equipped with everything you need.

Workstation license is a new license type that we are introducing with this release. Whether you are a SharePoint admin who has a number of farms to manage and wishes to control them from one centralized location or a manager who wants to distribute reports to analysts, this is the way to go. The workstation license will not only give you an overview of the SharePoint farm reports, but it will also include management of SharePoint Online permissions.

Read more about other improvements and bug fixes.

Give it a try and send us your suggestions!