We have just released SPDocKit 6.2.0

We have shipped SPDocKit 6.2.0. This is a minor release but with major improvements. Some of them are: new Subscription and Alerts Manager, Live Site Explorer reports,  new Group to Group and Membership Differences Wizards, many new reports such as Content Overview, Expired Certificates, DB Disk Usage etc.
And of course, completely redesigned Monitoring tool - SPDocKit Event Viewer. Read more about new features in our accompanying blog post.

Click here to download the new release.

Product version: 6.2.0
Build number: 34635
Release date: Nov 2, 2016


  • We have completely redesigned the way we gather ULS and Windows Event Viewer logs. New SPDocKit Event Collection feature is a standalone application which works in tandem with SPDocKit and provides an easy interface to search and discover possible issues. SPDocKit Event Collection feature consists of two parts - Event Viewer and the Event Collection Service. Please check updated Features by Licenses overview for this feature availability.
  • Content Overview is a graphical overview of the general information SPDocKit collected about your Farm. Some of the available metrics are; Site Collection and Content Databases Sizes; Used SharePoint Space; Serves by Role; Site Collections per Web App; and many more. It is located under the Content & Usage Reports.
  • Have you ever lost sleep over something that went wrong? Well, not anymore. We have enabled you to send our Best Practices reports as Alerts as soon as we detect that the farm configuration settings you are tracking have changed to an undesirable value.
  • If you wish to know when changes occur on SharePoint object permissions, such as adding or removing a principal from it or enabling and disabling users, you can now schedule an Alert in our new Subscriptions and Alerts Manager.
  • Live Site Explorer reports are now available so you can explore them in real-time. This can be very useful if you wish to quickly see current data from your farm without going through the load process.
  • Farm Documentation and Farm Differences export are now available in the Excel format as well. This allows you to manipulate the gathered data more easily.
  • Group to Group compare and Membership Differences are the new addition to the Compare Wizard family. These can help you track changes in the group membership over a period of time or to compare two different groups.
  • Now you can schedule a Farm Differences Overview report for two different farms. Track changes between different farm environments and SPDocKit will send a detailed report to a specified email address, File share location or SharePoint library.
  • We all know how unpleasant it can be when certificates expire and you haven’t noticed it in time. That is why we added a new Certificates report to the Farm Explorer and a Best Practice report called Expired Certificates to help you keep an eye on them more closely.
  • To improve Compare Wizard capabilities we enabled 1:N server mappings, meaning that you can compare one target server to more source farm servers and vice versa. This can be very useful when comparing test with a production environment.
  • If you are on a Workstation SPDocKit instance and would like to switch between multiple SPDocKit databases, there is no longer need for Configuration Wizard. Now, you can add all your SPDocKit database connections and quickly change to any of them using the Database Connections
  • SharePoint Groups is a new permissions report which shows all SharePoint groups and its members across the selected site collections.
  • New permissions management option Edit Group Settings allows you to modify SharePoint group configuration. It is located in the Permissions Management ribbon on the Live Permissions Explorer, as well as when you right-click on a SharePoint group.
  • Custom columns are available on Permissions Reports as well as the Content & Usage Reports. Navigate to the View tab in the ribbon or right click on the column name and customize the reports the way you like it. Some of the new columns are an email address or username, last modified, URL, etc.
  • New Best Practices report, SQL Server Memory, checks if minimum server memory and maximum server memory settings have been changed in your SQL Server configuration options.


  • DB Disk Usage is a new Database Growth report that shows you a relation between the allocated space for a certain database and the actual space used by the selected database. It is located under the Content & Usage reports.
  • DB Size Growth report can now track SPDocKit database growth as well.
  • Permissions differences can now be detected on any SharePoint object level, not just Site Collection. Track permission changes on the selected subsite, list or list item.
  • All snapshots marked as good will no longer be affected by the SPDocKit data retention.
  • Each SPDocKit subscription can now be scheduled to a different SharePoint document library.
  • There is now a visible distinction between snapshots saved locally (green snapshot icon) and the ones in your SPDocKit database (blue snapshot icon).
  • Snapshots can now have a custom name. The snapshot name template you provide in the Options wizard, under the Snapshots Options will be used for every freshly created snapshot.
  • Workstation instance of SPDocKit no longer requires Local Admin privileges. Nevertheless, they are still required to install the application.
  • We added a date range filter to Feature Usage by Edition and Feature Usage by Scope reports to decrease the report generation time and increase data reliability.
  • Loading some farm settings can take a while, so we have added information to the Load Wizard regarding the Job Definitions part of it. Now you can track the progress more transparently.
  • Site Collection Size and Web Site reports are no longer shown in Best Practice documentation if there are no errors or warnings detected within report results.
  • In the User Properties dialog, we added a link to a User Profile page in SharePoint so you can access it easily.
  • Application Settings Management feature now offers a possibility to export/import only the settings you are interested in.
  • We added Permissions Management actions to move and copy all SharePoint group users to another SharePoint group.
  • We improved user experience in case of an error during the application usage. Once the error appears you can send it directly to us using the Feedback feature.
  • More detailed error logging in the Load Wizard. We now detect more information about issues that may appear during the loading of the information regarding the Service Application Databases.
  • Improved logic for fetching AD groups information from the Domain Controller.
  • We added a Data File Size and a Log Size column to Content Database Capacity Best Practices report.
  • We added a new column Location to the Index Location report, and a new column Application Name to all Business Data Connectivity reports.

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved issue with localization of some group names, specifically Performance Log Users group.
  • Resolved issue with LPE (Live Permission Explorer) not working correctly when there are circular groups in Active Directory.
  • Resolved issue with Service Databases being shown in Content Databases Autogrowth Best Practice report.
  • Resolved issue with AD group display name.
  • Resolved issue where email subscription could not be sent to SharePoint if mixed mode authentication was enabled on the site.
  • Resolved issue with loading taking quite some time because of the Windows Updates.
  • Resolved issue with Loopback Disabled Best Practice report. Now, it correctly filters out application servers.
  • Resolved issue where the incorrect ribbon is shown if you open the SPDocKit via farm file (snapshot).
  • Resolved issues where SPDocKit service would start more than one load simultaneously.
  • Resolved issues in which the Save Log button was disabled at the end of the Clean Site Collection wizard.
  • Resolved issue where ULS Active Best Practice report was not working on a Single Server environment.
  • Resolved issue where Groups Without Permissions report was not working properly when the group owner is missing.
  • Resolved issue where Web.config report was not working with IE 11.
  • Resolved issue with the inability to open the encrypted farm file when the passphrase was missing.
  • Resolved multiple issues with importing snapshots.
  • Resolved issue when message “The maximum allowed time for acquiring a lock for saving options has passed" was appearing when using the application.
  • Resolved issue with missing Web Applications in case that not all of the Site Collections are selected within the AutoSPInstaller Save XML File Configuration wizard.
  • Resolved issue with the inability to send SPDocKit subscriptions to File share or SharePoint library when email settings were missing in the Options wizard.