We have just released SPDocKit 5.0.2

We have shipped the SPDocKit 5.0.2. This is a minor release with some bug fixes and couple of improvements.

Click here to download new release.

Product version: 5.0.2
Build number: 17444
Release date: Jan 28, 2015


  • Distributed Cache best practices report improvements.
  • Content Usage reports scheduling and export enabled.
  • Manual adjustment of the query results limit.

Bug fixes

  • Advanced farm compare server mapping problems.
  • Some of the wizard controls crashing due to a third party control issues.
  • Compare web.config XML problems.
  • Generating Best Practices documentation with a custom template.
  • Storage metrics refresh logic.
  • Upload SPDocKit subscriptions to a SharePoint document library problems.
  • Server name resolving issues during the loading process.
  • Word documentation title missing name spaces when generated in the Run mode.
  • User permission requirements issues while loading the farm.
  • Compare permissions problems.
  • Software Assurance license going stale after a 30 day period.

Click here to download new release.