We have just released Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint 4.1.0

We have shipped the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint 4.1.0. This is a minor release with a couple of improvements and bug fixes.

Click here to download new release.

Product version: 4.1.0
Build number: 10753
Release date: May 21, 2014


  • Check if your installed SP1 has been revoked using Build Revoked best practices report.
  • Added explanation tooltips for better icon and report results understanding.
  • Web Application URL Check does no longer include Central Administration.
  • Optimized differences report generating.

Bug fixes

  • Farm Backup History best practices report issues resolved.
  • Fixed wrong data sorting within the report columns.
  • BCS loading issues resolved.
  • Resolved installation problems on SharePoint 2007.
  • Web Template and custom Service Application loading issues fixed.
  • Resolved permission report timeout on large SharePoint environments.
  • Resolved issues with Blob Caching best practices showing incorrect values.
  • Resolved memory leaks during permission load.
  • Resolved problems while sending test email.
  • Resolved issues with loading AD group members from multiple domains.
  • Limited Access permission level will no longer be displayed on reports.
  • Best practices that are not supported on SharePoint 2007 will no longer be visible.

Click here to download new release.