How to import custom definition settings into SysKit

SysKit comes with a list of predefined reports; however, if you need specific data and custom fields, you can create your own reports in the Custom Reports category.

Sometimes, depending on the data you need filtered, it might be difficult to customize reports on your own. If you have a specific request, contact us with the details and a report wireframe in Excel, and we will create a report for you, which you can use in your Remote Desktop or Citrix server environment.

Custom reports give you only the data you want to see in the format you need to see it in.

For example, you may want to see the activity of only the users who connect to your entire RD/XenApp farm, but with the client name and IP address from where they have connected to the server farm.

Some of the custom reports that we have created for our clients are now available for download. Please note that all custom reports need to be imported manually into the SysKit application as they do not come embedded.

How To Import Custom Reports

  1. Start SysKit and navigate to the Custom Reports category, then click Import Definition in the Reports ribbon.
  2. Locate the .cr file that you have downloaded and click Open.
  3. In the Custom Report Name dialog, rename your report. Leave Overwrite selected in the custom report checkbox, and click OK.
  4. Upon successful completion, you will see your new custom report in the Custom Reports category.

If you need help importing a definition or you want to send us a custom report request, feel free to contact us.

How To Download Custom Reports

In the Custom Reports section in the SysKit interface you can find more than 20 custom reports. Select the ones you want to download and click Install. Find your new reports in the navigation on the left.