Easily compare DEV, UAT and production farms with SPDocKit

When managing multiple environments like DEV, UAT, QA, Staging and Production we have to make sure these environments are as similar as possible. However, when it comes to managing SharePoint, each farm has hundreds of different settings that can easily diverge between farms. In this article, we are going to explain how you can use SPDocKit to compare configuration settings between farms.

Let’s get started with SPDocKit and the features that can help you compare your SharePoint farm settings!

SPDocKit offers the ability to create configuration snapshots of each farm (manually or on a predefined schedule). This is useful since multiple farms often have different software configurations that you need to adjust to be as similar as possible. For example, you need to make sure your QA, Staging and Production farms have all been configured in the same way before you begin a rollout and start testing a new feature in your farm (see figure below).


Deployment environment This is an example of a deployment environment. This environment usually includes stages such as development, staging and production.


To get accurate comparison results, SPDocKit supports mapping of servers, service applications, host names and farm account names. The Compare feature we offer covers all the settings from SharePoint Central Administration but also gives you the ability to compare settings on a Web application and at the Site Collection levels, as well as compare web.config files. The SPDocKit Compare Wizard not only provides a comparison between two different farms, it also offers you the ability to track changes on a single farm in different time ranges.

To find out more about how to spot differences in your farm configurations and compare farm settings with the Compare Wizard, visit our Compare SharePoint Farms help page. Experience the latest SPDocKit improvements for SharePoint administration. Download SPDocKit and start managing your SharePoint farms like a true SharePoint savvy.